Our wines

The estate specializes in the Fleurie appellation. Historically established on this vintage, the Despres family dedicates its work entirely to it. This pink granite terroir offers a variety of styles depending on the location. The area includes climates classified as Madone or Grille Midi. The vinification and the selection of the plot can also offer a whole range with fruity wines, of guard, matured in oak barrel or not as well as a natural cuvée without added sulfites. The white wine from Viognier, unique to Fleurie and the rosé, also add to the range. Everyone can find their pleasure and your meal can be accompanied throughout by our wines.

Our wines are available in other country via our different partner:

 - United Kingdom with Thorman Hunt: www.thormanhunt.co.uk

 - Netherlands with Beaujolaiswijnen.nl